The Student Diversity office aims to assist students in finding necessary resources to reach personal, academic, and professional success. Our office has compiled a number of student resource opportunities for diverse students on campus including:

  • Scholarship & Grant Opportunities for Multicultural Students-The Office of Student Diversity Initiatives assists students when they express concern regarding the affordability of their academic studies.
  • Tools for Multicultural Student Organizations-Leadership is a very important aspect at the Student Diversity Office, we aim to develop culturally competent and inclusive leaders and student organizations.  This page provides resources for developing inclusive programming, developing facilitation skills, and multicultural conferences with a focus on social justice and student leader development.
  • Social Justice-Focused Internship & Job Postings-Internships are optional academic program in which students earn academic credit while working in a professional work environment, and in most cases earn income.  Internships posted here will often incorporate a focus of social justice and/or inclusion as well as those that target applicants of a specific background.