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The R.I.S.E. (Realizing Inclusive Spaces & Education) diversity and inclusivity training program that also builds knowledge about diverse experiences and identities and builds allies for diversity and inclusion.  Each workshop aims to assist participants rise to inclusive leadership, engage in meaningful dialogue, and create change in impactful ways.   R.I.S.E. workshops are  co-facilitated by trained Cabrini faculty, staff, and students. This program–housed in the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives–is also a part of the LEADStrong program.  All workshops count towards both R.I.S.E. and LEADStrong credits.

Why R.I.S.E.?

To create an inclusive community, individuals must examine the world around them FullSizeRenderthrough their own personal values, beliefs, stories, stereotypes and multiple identities. Our program’s structure allows participants to enter the track-based training at any knowledge level; through dialogue and group activities, participants can grow their knowledge about themselves, others, and the world around them both individually and collectively.  R.I.S.E. seeks to help participants connect with themselves and others, build critical thinking about the world around them, and start being allies to those in their community.


Diversity 101             Ally Training            Intersectionality            #BeTheChange                 Social Identity           Cultural Competence                 R.I.S.E. Facilitation Training                 Note: You are not required to complete all the tracks to attend workshops.

What are the benefits of completing workshops and tracks in this program?

Individuals who are a part of R.I.S.E. will have the opportunity to:

  • Develop leadership and professional skills (such as 49bb8-11939533_187862541545632_1516992422_nfacilitation, public speaking, and community engagement) tied to their major and/or career goals
  • Make connections to diversity, inclusion, and their goals and career paths
  • Gain certifications though training in diversity, equity, intercultural competence, and inclusive language;
  • Develop positive and inclusive relationships in the campus community.

For more information, please contact Sarah Carter at scarter@cabrini.edu.

To request a workshop, please click here.