P.U.M.P. @ Cabrini

P.U.M.P. @ Cabrini

P.U.M.P. (Preparing Underserved Mentees for Progress) is a Pre-Orientation program for ethnic minority students (or students of color). In this identity conscious program, first year students are paired with a peer mentor as a support for their adjustment to life at Cabrini on- and off-campus. The program works in conjunction with the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives.

This year, the P.U.M.P. program took place from August 23-25, 2016!

Participation in this program can contribute to a student’s connection to the institution,IMG_1111 provide community, and assist in their personal growth, academic development, and overall success as a student.  In PUMP, first-year students have the opportunity to arrive on campus and move into their rooms early for a 3 day pre-orientation experience (including on-campus activities and train excursions to restaurants, local stores & marketplaces, fun activities, and tours in Philadelphia) that introduces them to:

  • Multicultural life on- and off-campus
  • Faculty and staff of color
  • Cultural, social, and academic resources and support and
  • An upper-class mentor to assist the student

Throughout their first year, each P.U.M.P. participant will continue to receive assistance from key staff in the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives during important milestones such as mid-terms, registering for spring classes, and finals!

P.U.M.P. Registration Fee: $100  (covers transportation, admission for activities, food, etc.)

Find out more about what P.U.M.P. means to students who have gone through the program.

“It’s one thing to give a student a scholarship and recruit them, but it’s another thing to actually make sure that they feel included socially and are able to thrive academically” – NBC News article on first generation college students (May 2015).  


  • To affirm the experiences of students of color and IMG_1113first-generation students.
  • Assist these students with adjusting to the nuances of addressing issues of difference on campus.
  • To provide additional support and engagement to African American & Latino/Hispanic 1st year students to assist with their adjustment to Cabrini College.
  • Assign entering (1st year) African American & Latino/Hispanic students a peer mentor who can engage with them to absorb some of the “culture shock” during their adjustment period.


For more information about P.U.M.P. @ Cabrini, please contact Stephanie Reed, director of student diversity, at sdr53@cabrini.edu.

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