Social Justice-Focused Internship Opportunities

Internships are optional academic program in which students earn academic credit while working in a professional work environment, and in most cases earn income.  If you are interested in pursuing social justice as a career, there are many internship opportunities that can allow you to use the principles and skills from your major and/or interests to help create change in your local, national, and/or global community.  Our office often has internships like these as well as positions aimed towards students of diverse identities sent to us.  These internships, as well as social justice-focused job search boards and other resources, are posted below.

FaithJustice Fellowship Program (Posted March 20, 2017)

Victory Institute Internship (posted February 10, 2017)

Sports Administration Internship, Black Women in Sport Foundation (Posted on October 10, 2016)

Marketing and Communications Intern–Urban Affairs Coalition (posted June 13, 2016)

AfterSchool Program Lead Intern, Puentes Hacia el Futuro (posted June 13, 2016)

Main Line Chamber Of Commerce Internship Opportunities12309463_864628806968115_2965886151782244031_o.jpg

Check out the below links for more information about national organizations related to your major/career path that have caucuses and groups within the organization to support various identities:

Resources for researching job and internship opportunities:

  • Cabrini University Career and Professional Development – CCPD is a department on campus that helps students create/update resumes, find internships, and provide career counseling/advising.
  • – an internship and job opportunity database updated regularly.
  • – an internship, job, and volunteer opportunity database — specifically for social services, non profit organizations, and social justice/advocacy— updated regularly.