Tools for Multicultural Student Organizations

OSDI works with a number of student organizatio14055_847237522002153_4918414002476638147_nns and provides a number of opportunities for students to engage with inclusive leadership including event planning, promoting social justice and inclusivity, and becoming strong agents of change.

Below are some resources you can use as tools and/or resources to
enhance your multicultural programs, develop social justice consciousness-building and/or activism around your club’s mission, and facilitate effective dialogues around diversity and inclusion.

  • Community Tool Box – This web site has a number of tools and resources that helps social justice and inclusivity focused groups learn different approaches to retention, organization, recruitment, and more through the lens of social change.
  • Campus Pride – This site focuses on helping LGBTQIA+ student organizations develop skills on activism, advocacy, event planning, bias prevention, and more.  They also host conferences, retreats, and webinars for student leaders nationally.
  • AAUW Campus Leader Programs – The American Association of University Women (AAUW) also has a national campus leadership program that also shares resources for students planning and recruiting students centered around women’s issues and leadership.  Their site contains resources such as workshops, leadership opportunities, and consciousness-raising on these topics and more.
  • MizzouDiversity – This page at Mizzou has great resources on facilitating effective conversations about diversity.  This could be really helpful as you plan events, panels, and discussions around social justice topics!
  • It’s Pronounced Metrosexual – This site has fun graphics, articles, and resources to create effective presentations as well as tools to facilitate impactful discussions around diversity, inclusion, and justice.
  • Multicultural Pavilion – The page has a number of resources to help create diversity-related events, handouts, and activities.IMG_1120

Here are some conferences focused on leadership, consciousness-raising, and/or student activism centered around specific populations and/or organizations (AHLANA, LGBTQIA+, Women-identified, etc.) around the country.

The Office of Student Engagement and Leadership (SEaL) at Cabrini College can also be a resource for your organization on building, retaining, and recruiting (and more!) your organization(s). They also seek to keep campus vibrant with events and leadership opportunities.  Check out their website for more information!