End of Semester Message from OSDI

As we continue to process our feelings regarding the polarity in our country and within our communities that was a result of our election process while simultaneously endeavoring on in our everyday business of life, work, school, etc. we pause to reflect on the HOW.  As we approach the conclusion of our fall semester let’s channel the energy we’ve felt (both positive & negative) in meaningful ways that move us towards that HOW- living and working on purpose. The Office of Student Diversity Initiatives would like to remind some (and point out for others) that what we have been dealing … Continue reading End of Semester Message from OSDI

“Undocumented Immigrants” – A Student Project (Cabrini Day 2016)

For Cabrini Day 2016, Student Leader Ahtziry Lopez-Santiago created a project in her Foundations of Education course at Cabrini University entitled “Undocumented Immigrants” that focuses on the educational experiences and perspectives of one undocumented student and a teacher.  With her permission, we posted her project here. Student Hello my name is Ale, short for Alejandra. I am junior at the University, I am a 3.97 student, I have many leadership roles on campus and I am Undocumented. I moved to the United States when I was 4 and have been in the US ever since. I refuse to let my … Continue reading “Undocumented Immigrants” – A Student Project (Cabrini Day 2016)