advisory council for inclusivity and (1)A.C.I.D. Leaders are a select group of students chosen as representatives of and an advisory council to the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives.  In their roles, A.C.I.D. Leaders work to discuss topics in diversity and social justice issues.  Through training, programming, and hosting dialogues, A.C.I.D. Leaders help dissolve the awkwardness often felt when discussing these topics on Cabrini University’s campus.

A.C.I.D. Leaders promote diversity on campus and celebrate the different identities in our community.  A.C.I.D. Leaders serve as:

  • Peer Educators to campus
  • Co-facilitators of R.I.S.E. Workshops
  • Developers of programs about diversity & inclusion
  • Advisers to the Office of Student Diversity Initiatives (OSDI) about diverse issues that impact the student body

To apply for an A.C.I.D. Leader position, please visit this page.